Lonesome Town

Peta Party of the Century, 1999 Concert. Paul McCartney & Friends: The PETA Concert for Party Animals documents a September 18, 1999 charity concert for PETA, People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the highlight of which is a short set by Paul McCartney, one of his first live appearances after the 1998 death of his wife Linda.
McCartney's six-song set ends the show on a high note. All the songs are drawn from his 1999 album Run Devil Run, which was largely an album of covers, the rock 'n' roll music he loved. This love comes through strongly in his set, beginning with a rousing "Honey Hush," and his perfectionism comes through when he stops the band during the intro of "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man," insisting the song didn't start well (he's right). The rest of the set is split between the slow-tempo, soulful numbers "No Other Baby" and "Lonesome Town," and the high-spirited "Try Not To Cry" and "Run Devil Run"

Consegui, até agora, reconhecer David Gilmour(Pink Floyd) na guitarra e Ian Paice(Deep Purple) na bateria. Você reconheceu mais alguém? Música do Ricky Nelson. Ouça a versão original abaixo:

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